The Cattery

Pillar #1—Connection

We love and care for your cat as if they were our own. That’s why we created The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel, to offer your beloved purrbaby a purrfect & pawsh experience while you are away. Meow.

Pillar #2—Enrichment

Dedicated enrichment hours and daily housekeeping and room service. Assures your cat will give this brand mew concept a purr of approval.

Pillar #3—Service

Trustworthy, up-to-date client communication. 6-star service for your cat is one of the no-brainer service pillars of The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel. Your cat and you will delight. Chirrup anyone?

Pillar #4—Safety

We use a CCTV monitored security system, and offer peace of mind updates. Plus, our contracted vet is only a stone’s throw away. Nothing is ever taken-fur-granted. Adorable blinking feline eyes coming right up.

The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel Offers Your Beloved purrbaby a mew Kind of Cattery Experience

  • Great Location. Close to Melbourne Airport, and only 20 km north of the CBD.
  • Spacious walk in custom designed suite options.
  • Superb standards of cleanliness, using vet grade, cat safe products.
  • One of a kind interactive features Beans Cat Cinema, Caterwauls’ Vertical Garden Buffet ++ more , ++ more.
  • Sound, light and pheromone therapy to help your cat settle in
  • We keep you connected. Updates via phone, text, email or social media
  • Ventilated and climate-controlled paradise
  • Deluxe, Superior or VIP suites and service options
  • Private eye option for high profile or sensitive clients
  • Generous hours, no peak rates, charge per night
  • After hours text service for current guests
  • Open and honest communication about your cat—always
  • Warm reception area for our clients who may have a hard time leaving their cat, we are here to help
  • Great rates for all cat families
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Add on convenience services. Personal shopper, after hours attendance, The Purr Inn Chauffer