Taking cat sitting
to the
next level

The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel is the owner operated co-creation of “cat obsessed” duo Brendan and Janelle.

Brendan and Janelle live almost onsite a mere minute drive away from The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel. With their two beautifully beloved senior cats Sophie and Slinky, who are adorable Lionheart arch-cat-types. 


Brendan O’Loughlin 

Brendan is the Brawn and Soul of the operation, a self-confessed “crazy cat guy.” His deep love of cats and the natural world inspired him to co-craft The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel. As a proud, doting cat dad, and thanks to his years of customer service excellence experience, across several industries, Brendan has been vital to developing The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel’s enrichment-based care approach.

Brendan knows that the highest quality of cat care is the #1 important factor for cat guardians when choosing a cat sitting service. He is on a mission to ensure that The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel becomes the obvious choice for cat owners.

“We focus on the cat, that is our focus. Everything here is about the cats. And making our customers feel secure leaving their cats with us. We love your cat so they love you more.”

Brendan O, The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel Co-creator

Janelle Portelli

Janelle is the heart and brains of The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel. Coming from a community service background Janelle started working at the cattery she and Brendan had used (for years) for their own cats. Working for an award-winning industry leader gave her direct experience into operating a cattery herself. Janelle was super inspired by her boss lady who lead a workplace culture that nurtured the idea of following one’s dreams.

“I fall in love with every cat I see. I know this is what I am meant to be doing. After working with cats, I could not go back to doing anything else. Opening my own place was the only option. I’ve long ago recognised that my love for cats is boundless. And sometimes we get an opportunity to follow our hearts.

“The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel is about connection, and doing what we love. Spoiling cats and meeting other cat crazy guardians. We know they will appreciate our attention to detail”.

Janelle P, The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel Co-creator

Together, Brendan & Janelle identified the rising expectations for trusted and reliable cat sitting services. Cat guardians demanding increasingly secure, climate-controlled luxury “paw above” cat accommodation options with a focused emphasis on cat care. And so, The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel journey began.

Janelle & Brendan believe that…

Cats are the bringers of smiles and laughter. It as an honour to treat all feline friends with love, respect and deep compassion.