Take this fun quiz now to dive deep into your furbaby's personality...


Take this fun quiz now to dive deep into your furbaby's personality...

Discover Your Cat’s Arch-Cat-Type?

Do you really know your cat? There’s a reason why your cat behaves the way it does (similar to us humans) and now you’re about to find out:

  • Why cats possess certain character traits that can range from neurotic to gregarious and what that means to you…
  • How you can offer your beloved furbaby a happier boarding experience, using the right accommodation and environment that is suited to its character…
  • What you need to know to better communicate with and handle your feline friend in order to give it the meowing com-fur-t it deserves to live happily ever after…

Our cat arch-cat-type quiz will amuse and delight you while giving you the answers you’ve been looking for to truly appreciate and understand your beloved furbaby. Go on, take the quiz below…

If your cat were a musician they would be?

If your cat were a human celebrity who would they be?

You are on the loo (the human litter box). Where is your cat?

You get your cat a laser pointer. Your cat sees the moving red dot. What happens?

It's night time. There is a strange cat at the window. Your cat sees it, what happens next?

You have friends over to visit. Your cat?

If your cat were to host their own event what would you expect?

The Ruler

Your cat is the Ruler. And it acts like it, because Rulers just know they are a tiny God of their cat-iverse. A Ruler Cat demands regular sacrifices and adoration from us mere humans. The Ruler cat has a particular like for special humans (yes, you can feel honoured), and sometimes the Ruler also likes other cats, even so they consider them to be totally and utterly beneath them. Your cat probably has a royal sounding nickname such as Princess or King. Ruler cats claim ownership to everything in your home, and they graciously gift you everything on a strict paw loan basis only. A Ruler cat’s generosity must never be taken fur granted. Therefore you must always be attentive to their presence, because let’s be honest, any day INN when you’re not the furbaby’s centre of attention is unbearable. Not maintaining peace in a ruler cat domain can be met with particularly brutal punishments, such as the cat withholding sleep in your bed, favouring the couch over you. *Shudder!* Everything in life revolves around a Ruler cat. And you frequently find yourself lost in thoughts and musings about how one cat can be so painfully adorable while ruling over beings that are up to ten times their size. You understand the call to feline servitude of your Ruler cat as your fundamental basis of living a happy life. The Ruler cat motto is: The answer is yes, your Meow-jesty. Pro Purr Tip: A little discipline can go a long way. You can redirect the Ruler’s attention away from counter tops or confine kitty to a different room during human mealtimes, to create a routine. Just remember to stay strong and be patient. Your ruler cat will get the idea after a while. The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel Suite Recommendation: Any suite will suit a Ruler cat, although they would paw-sitively love you more if you booked them into a Royal Purr Suite, a sanctuary fit for a king. Tag us on Instagram: #Ruler #ArchCatType
The Kitten

Your cat is the Kitten. They may or may not be an actual Kitten. Some Kittens, like us humans, have a case of Peter Pan syndrome and never seem to outgrow childhood. Kitten cats are all about the buzz and excitement of the game, as their antics will prove! A Kitten feline wants you to play with them all the time. A Kitten cat has freak-cat-ling superpowers to load on the guilt if you dare to ignore their requests for a round of kill the red dot or cardboard box hide and seek. They are prone to tantrums when not getting their way and they can paws-ititvely nail a convincing grumpy cat impression. Your commitment to please the Kitten is powerful, and you’ll frequently ask yourself whether you’re just a human cat toy, here to play with and pacify the Kitten. One thing is sure: you’re powerless under a Kitten’s enchantments of cuteness and playful antics. You know it and the furbaby knows it. Rewards for these joyous cat affections often lead to repetitive human behaviours, and compulsive cat-toy shopping… cat toys multiply, no matter how often you attempt to avoid pet supply store shopping sprees. And clean up the tornado of cat toys that forever follow your beloved dynamo floofball down the hall. Life is never dull with a Kitten feline lording over you, as some simply never grow up, honestly though who would want them to. Did someone say Playtime?! The Kitten cat motto is: YOL9. You only live nine times Pro Purr Tip: Wear your Kitten out with a big playtime session (until they are panting) before you wish to relax or entertain. Also, if you feed them after playing it stimulates their natural inclination to hunt, eat and sleep. You’re welcome. The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel Suite Recommendation: Executive Grande Suites are purr-fect for the energetic and tireless Kitten. Double Luxe Suites are also great for energetic pairs or multi-cat families with a Kitten that sometimes needs separating from the rest of the tribe. Tag us on Instagram: #Kitten #ArchCatType
The Guru

Your cat is the Guru. Forever sitting and silently (or not so silently) judging you, and most likely the rest of the world, too. It is true that your cat holds the answers of the universe within as she looks at you, knowing your innermost secrets and human delinquencies. Pleasing a Guru cat feels like arriving at the summit of the Swiss alps and gazing endlessly into the eyes of existence itself. You’re blessed to bask in the presence of universal and superior wisdom. At times a Guru cat may appear aloof, but remember, they are never unaware and know… everything. The superb affections granted from a contented Guru cat can be likened to receiving manna from heaven. If you have been gifted with the love of a Guru cat you have been judged by the universe as being a very special cat person indeed. Guru cats finding their inner purr and helping you find yours is a kitty-human love match made in the stars. The Guru cat Motto: I am the cat and it’s my way or the highway. Pro Purr Tip: To deepen the connection between you and your Guru furbaby introduce a new toy and take out some time to play with your Guru. It may appear as if playing with you is beneath them but remember, cats have an innate instinct to chase and hunt. They may surprise you with a boisterous display of kitten antics and love you for it. Purr. The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel Suite Recommendation: Studio Luxe Suites provide plush comfort for a relaxed Guru cat and Executive Grande Suites are meow- tastic for the deep thinkers who like to stretch a paw or four. Tag us on Instagram: #Guru #ArchCatType
The Lionheart

Your cat is the Lionheart. You and your cat share an unbreakable bond. Furbaby is always there for you with a head bump, purr or a snuggle. Confident and friendly, your Lionheart makes friends easily... and you’re forgiven to think of yourself as their favourite human. Sometimes people claim to come and visit you and you know too well that they are there for Lionheart cuddles, as they spend most of their time at your place with your cat. On occasion your Lionheart will not take kindly to his own kind and you can glimpse that heroic puff ball tail of doom defence that would protect you from all harm. Your Lionheart likely guards you at night and is prone to sleeping close by to ensure your sweet dreams. To fully experience the Lionheart you’re prepared to put up with the occasional cat bum in your face, and tingling legs. Lionheart cats love a good cuddle in your bed and you do too. You may have been late to work, school, or social events because you couldn’t stand the ‘don’t leave me’ guilt displays from your Lionheart. You often wonder what you did right in a past life to be blessed with such a divine feline companion. Your Lionheart cat makes you feel like the luckiest cat person alive. The Lionheart cat Motto: Purr and all doors shall open. Pro Purr Tip: Try communicating with your cat by playing ‘cat I love you’ with your Lionheart. When your catch your cats gaze, blink slowly at them with your head slightly turned downwards and see if they return your blinking. Cats use their blinking eyes to show affection and trust. We bet you’ll love this way of exchanging love and deep connection with your feline love. The Purr Inn® Suite Recommendation: Any Suite will suit a Lionheart cat, although they would lavish the extra round of bedtime pats each evening when you book your Lionheart into a Royal Purr Suite. Tag us on Instagram: #Lionheart #ArchCatType
The Diva

Your cat is the Diva. Always SPOILT. Always perfectly groomed. Often decides on a whim if they will grace humans with their presence or not. Diva’s tend to have lots of amazing hiding places. Yes, we know that being such an incredible cat is super hard work. A Diva kitty tends to be fussy with… everything and a Diva cat’s litter box must be immaculately tended to, like a prize winning rose bush. Insufficient scooping will see punishment that may include using your carpet as a poop cushion or at worst they may ignore you. *Eeek*! Your cat likely has more fine china cat bowls than your grandma and more accessories than Kim Kardashian. Diva cats tend to resemble a mythical ornament around other less known humans, so unless a stranger has magical unicorn taming abilities, they are unlikely to even be acknowledged by a Diva. When you’re in the favour of your Diva there is no other place you would rather be than with this superior floofball of joy. The price is high but the rewards are worth it and that makes you ever proud to be forever bewitched by your beloved feline Diva. The Diva cat Motto: Only the deserving shall pet me. Pro Purr Tip: Try rewarding your Diva cat for being social by giving them their favourite treats or have your guests try giving your Diva a treat. They will start to associate people with very good things and may stop hiding from visitors. The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel Suite Recommendation: Studio Luxe Suites are wonder-fur-l digs for a shy Diva cat, and for the Diva who needs more spoiling than usual our Royal Purr Suites guarantee to please the fussiest of cats as they’re purrfect for the spoilt and special needs cat. Tag us on Instagram: #Diva #ArchCatType
The Rebel

Your cat is the Rebel. You know it’s true. Your cat rails against you and is always keeping you on your toes, while indulging its dreams of world domination. A Rebel kitty will look you in the eye as they knock your hot cup of coffee off the bench before you can catch it. If they could laugh at you they would. Your couch is never safe and sees more claws then human bottoms. You have probably replaced several of them already. Couches-not bottoms that is. A Rebel kitty can surprise you with a cat-attack from the shadows, like a tiny ninja. This mischievous little fur bundle delights in raising your heart rate. On occasion (or perhaps a little too often) a Rebel kitty can bite the bee Jesús out of you, for no particular reason. Your lovable Rebel is a devil at heart. But deep down you know they secretly must love you as the affections of your Rebel can melt the coldest of mortal hearts. Your Rebel kitty has the charms of a superstar rock god and turns you into a pile of kitty mush, especially after you’re blessed by its affections. Join the faithful minions of the kitty underworld. Your unique cat rose may have several more thorns than most, but you would not change your Rebel kitty for the world. The Rebel cat motto: Today I conquer the couch, tomorrow the universe. Pro Purr Tip: Try redirecting your Rebels’ playful aggression towards humans and other cats by offering them toys to divert attention (cat nip toys get extra points). Oftentimes rowdy behaviour is just play aggression, so hopefully those regular toy specific play times minimise those kitty ninja attacks. The Purr Inn® Cat Hotel Suite recommendation: Executive Grande Suites are crafted for energetic little rebels. We recommend Double Luxe Suites (for the hardcore Rebel) for those who have had known difficulty boarding in the past and/or if you have a multi-cat household where your rebel needs separating from your other cats and you wish to board them together. Instagram: #Rebel #ArchCatType

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